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Student Work Permit

Work Permit Request Procedures

Students under 18 need a work permit.

Once you have a job, please follow these procedures by completing the Request for Work Permit form.

This form must be completed after you have been hired, but before you work any hours.

Good school attendance, completion of community service hours, and a 2.0 minimum GPA will all be used in considering your request for a Work Permit.

Request for Work Permit form is available for pickup in Student Services

  1. You fill out the Minor’s Information section and then have your parent sign the form.
  2. Once that is completed, take the form to your employer, and have them sign and complete the  Employer Section.
  3. Submit your form to Cynthia Sharpe in Student Services from August 8th through June 28th, 2024.*
  4. Check back the following day to pickup your Work Permit (may take up to two school days)

* From July 3rd to July 14th , Pioneer High School will be closed, you may bring your form to the district office.   From July 17th to Aug 7th, Pioneer High School's main office will process your application.

Thank you and congratulations on your job!